Thursday, October 1, 2009


I do not expect everyone to like me I know there is going to people that are going to hate me. I’m the same way, there are some artist who I love and there are some artist who I do not like. You have to at least give artists a chance but, I think with the girls a lot of people do not give us a chance because they might see us wearing a sexy outfit and they say, “this is a gimmick, blah, blah blah…” But, some of us actually have talent. That is a big part on why I decided to tone down my image because I want people to think about the talent first. I’m still going to be dressing and being crazy because I feel all girls should feel sexy. I’m not going to be over the top because it takes away from my talent. I do not want that any more.

The XXL editor was saying that as a male, what he expects out of a female artist is for their flows to be crazy and for them to have sex appeal. He said that the ladies needs someone they can relate to and the men needs someone they can lust over? Do you agree?

Of course. Everything in that letter was right on point. For people to say that is not true, they are in denial. I’m booked every weekend. Everywhere I go there are 90% girls with the pink hair and the pink lipstick and the pink this and that. The point is girls want to be like someone they think is cute. Young girls, college girls want to have fun. “Word, Nicki is wearing those bangs, the pink weave, oh I want to try that.” Dudes want to look at someone they can lust over that looks a particular way. The girl they are forbidden to have. And when you put those together, you have a lot of angry female rappers cause they can not put it together.

So do you think that some females rappers are more focused on appealing to men and they should be appealing to women?
Of course, women buy records and are loyal supporters period. That is why Mary J. Blige still has a career. Women love Mary, they listen to her records and they can laugh with her and cry with her. That is what my girls do with me.

Back in the days, Ladies Night had all the hot female rappers. If you could create a 2009 version, what female rappers would you have on there?
I got love for all the girls. I wish I could get all the females on there and do a thousand bars and wild out.

In some of your records you kind of reference certain things that would make the average person assume that you are a lesbian or bi-sexual. However I noticed in interviews you will dodge questions about your sexual orientation. There are some people that feel as though you gave black women who were afraid to be “free” with their sexuality a voice (especially in Hip Hop) but then you sort of pulled back. How do you feel about that?
I pulled back on a lot of things so to specify that is kind of unfair. When I started to see how influential I was, I toned a lot of things down. I want to think more before I speak, I want to think about every message I’m sending. I did not realize I had 10 year old fans. When you are in that position its your job to be responsible. I say what I say in my rap.


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